Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

What a holiday! To say I was stressed in the weeks prior to takeoff would be a true understatement. I didn't like me much as I finished off the term and packed my suitcase. But I was given just what I needed on the two week break.

After spending six days at the "White House B & B", and being spoiled silly, I'd like a dumpster to haul out my stuff and start over. My friend Marjorie is a true decorator; every piece in her living room reflects the colours embodied in a number of collected paintings purchased in Israel. Rich brocades and leather, her home is an earthy reflection of comfort and stability. For me it was an oasis of much needed peace and quiet. I am just so grateful for James and Marjorie's hospitality. I even had use of a "silver bullet" car to chase photographic dreams up and down the coast. Thank you dearest friends!

And then there was a blessed reunion with my son and daughter-in-law. I hadn't seen my son in a year - just long enough for his hair to reach well below the shoulder line. After a day's conversation and dinner out, I was tricked into reading a letter that I thought was from the bank to find out that my son passed his RN exam! I was beyond thrilled...relieved to see him begin a career, a destiny, I believe, in helping others in the health field. What a week of answered prayer!  God is good.

There's nothing like one's own bed after a two week journey. I love visiting, but I love coming home. Home to a beloved husband, a treasured abode and the firm knowledge that no matter what, I am planted where I belong.


  1. Amazing photos, Michele, of finished works by our phenomenal Creator.

  2. God is so good, Mary. What a privilege to have lived on this beach! We were truly blessed.