Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Annual Christmas Letter

Just for fun....News from up country....

       Well, one and all, it is that time of year again when we like to sit down and catch you up with all the adventures of the past year. It has been a doozy. What, with Grandma “going away” for a bit and that unfortunate incident regarding Cousin Alphonse, we have had our hands full.

        In January, just to start off the New Year right, we once again started a weight loss campaign. I only have 75 pounds left to lose compared to last year’s 81! My dear hubby of course has his own battles, but is confident this year to cut down on the beer consumption and lose some of that belly! Little Martha and Mattie were enrolled in Tai Kwon Do as we had heard that young kids respond well to the discipline of it. Too bad about the kick to the head and the subsequent hospital stay for wee Mattie, but the doctor says she should regain use of her left eye eventually.

        To celebrate Valentine’s day, Hubby and I left the kids with Grandma, which as you know, turned out to be the beginning of the end for her. But it was a romantic stay at Gwen’s Hideaway up on Route 40 just the same. We find it’s always good to renew the romance, if you know what I mean.

         March Break saw the kids home from school for a couple of weeks. We baked cookies and ate cookies and watched a whole slew of movies. It rained continuously, but that didn’t dampen our spirits at all, as dear cousin Alphonse was visiting and likes to play indoor soccer. The twins just loved that until the “Big Break” as we have started to call it. It’s all fine now. We got a line of credit to pay for the contractor to restore the ceiling and fix the pipe. The smell is nearly gone.

        April and May were pretty non-eventful, except that Hubby got his hours cut at work. That’s okay, with my second job, we’re making out fine and may even be able to put an extra payment on Grandma’s dentist bill. Things always seem to work out, don’t they?

         June brought the most vicious humidity. We wore wet tea towels around our necks and took turns sitting in front of the fan. The kids were so looking forward to the end of school and good news - both the twins will be “moved on” to the next grade. No need for repeating. We surely breathed a sigh of relief, especially with Mattie’s left eye and all.

         This summer was a blast. Our friends, the Garbotts, lent us their trailer up at River Bend Park and did we live it up. Hubby got all but laid off his job and spent a lot of time up there with Mr. Garbott, also out of a job. But those two daddies did a great time of looking after all those children. They swam in the river, (the leeches aren’t too bad if the weather is cool), they barbecued cat fish caught in the river and they taught the kids how to sing the funniest songs. Martha drew many pictures of those two Dads sitting on the deck of the trailer just relaxing, snoring on the foldable lawn chairs. Jeannie and I would come up on weekends to give the men a much needed break, then we were off again to our jobs. As summer came to an end, we were sad to pack up all our belongings and get ready for school. But the town had its traditional end-of-summer fireworks display and we ood and awed with the best of them.

         This fall brought only good things. The twins are now in baton twirling club and we are thrilled as the equipment is so inexpensive and the lessons almost free. We are encouraging them to practice outside now as they are strong throwers. Who knew? The weather has been divine - the fall colours brilliant and we have had many bonfires as we’ve cut down that row of rotted trees at the back of the property. Did you know, our neighbors have two rottweilers back there? Well, that was a surprise to us. They watch us all the time now. It’s a little unnerving, but it’s the drool that bothers me.

          November came and went without much new, except that Hubby was finally hired back at the plant. What a relief. I quit my third job. Well, it was not such a big deal anyway. Cleaning the mayor’s horse stall was a somewhat peaceful job, away from all the noise in town.

           Which brings us once again to the end of the year….Happy to report I lost 27 pounds this year. Well, I gained a bit back, but hey - every little bit helps. Hubby is just so excited about Christmas. He loves to give and give. He has something wonderful planned for those kids and Grandma too, if we can spring her for the day. 

           So dear ones, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We love you lots and hope you can drop by for some Christmas cheer if you’re in the area. Please call though. You never know what Grandma might be up to.

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  1. Well great for a morning laugh...
    Love the pictures, could we come and stay in your trailer this summer, it looks really cozy now...