Friday, February 10, 2012

An Unforgettable Birthday Moment

       Today is my birthday. I actually forgot about it until I got to work and someone wished me well. I don't think I've ever forgotten my birthday before. It's not like I hadn't thought about it earlier in the week, but just momentarily it slipped my mind. Surrounded by wonderful people, I received emailed messages and created e-cards throughout the day. There were phone calls from friends and of course my beloved son got me out of class. How wonderful to hear that voice.

       But one call touched me so that I can't stop weeping. My father, my beloved dad, called and said, "Wait, listen to this." And he played a little birthday song on a tiny hurdy-gurdy that had been in the drawer in his back room for years. He said he thought of it this morning, had no idea where the little music machine was, but "The Lord must have put my hand right on it," he said. So he delighted me with this birthday tune. 
       You see, I found out recently that my father has Alzheimer's. We've suspected for some time, and even though he was tested three years ago, by a simple oversight, we were never notified. My dear dad doesn't know this diagnosis. I pray he never does. When I found out, my heart was flooded with compassion and a deeper understanding of his daily trials. For him to remember the hurdy-gurdy and my birthday, is a gift I'll treasure always. 


  1. Dear Michele
    I hope that every day of this year is a celebration filled with many joys, delights and tokens of love, in even the simplest of things. You are a special treasure, and a wonderful friend. I love you. Celebrate yourself with the rising sun each morning, take time to nurture your spirit in the area of passion and creativity, and allow Abba to flood you with His Love and Presence. downpours of blessings, Evelyn

  2. This is precious, Michele. Just like our Father God to enable your dear Dad to bless you in such a special way.