Sunday, January 23, 2011

Victoria Park Skate

Skates in the trunk, we'd get bundled to go
Looking for mitts, to play in the snow.

The crisp smell of winter, the humid fresh air
Into the old car, to meet buddies there.

Down to the lake at Victoria Park
Oh how we loved to skate round in the dark.

From the central loud speaker the music would blare
Couples would skate arm in arm without care.

Mom wondering if I'd ever skate without falling.
Dad driven to teach in spite of my bawling.

An old wooden chair, with the seat long gone
Would be my balance till I could glide on my own.

Round and round the flagpole I'd go
Sometimes to stop I'd collapse in the snow.

Those quite daring would play crack the whip
Teens holding tightly, not willing to slip.

But me, a little one, chair gripped firm
Would shuffle along tenacious to learn.

Nose running, sweaty, to the boathouse we'd go
Hot chocolate in a paper cups, cheeks aglow.

Back to the car, energy waning
But regarding the skating, there'd be no complaining.

Next night at supper, our nagging would start,
Please, please, please can we go back to the Park?

The Park more skating.


  1. Fun memories, Michele.
    I'm strictly an indoor (arena) skater now. Choose not to freeze toes putting the skates on outdoors, but I do miss the outdoor setting.

  2. Yes, Mary, I find skating now a crippling thing. Last time I did it, which has to be about 15 years ago, I made one turn around the arena, cramped up and hit the benches! I was with our school, and I sure didn't need the little ones wondering why their teacher was on her knees on the ice!