Friday, October 14, 2011

The Liebster

Fellow blogger, gifted Mary from Beech Croft Tales, (  has honored me by putting me on her list for the Liebster Award.
Now it is my turn to honour others for the Liebster! Check out these noteworthy bloggers:

Leesha tells of her journeys as a beloved child of God at God Walks:

Garth writes about his travels through Africa on a BMW bike at Garth's Africa: 

Maureen provides a clear message of faith at One Day At A Time:

Amy and Ben tell of their preparations, hopes and dreams as they prepare for the mission field in Indonesia at The Eadies MAF:

Belinda points the way to the Lord with grace and beauty at Whatever He Says:


  1. Thank you so much for letting us know about these blogs, Michele. It's an opportunity to connect with ones we might not find out about any other way.

  2. Michele
    Wow!!! My heart jumps with excitement to read about this young fellow and the giftings deep inside his being, and the priviledged position that you hold as his teacher, encourager, motivator and confidant. Surely the whole of heaven will resound with the thunderous applause of fireworks as this young man is released into the fullness of his destiny and this needy world tastes of the life-giving words of God's heart through his writings. Evelyn