Monday, September 13, 2010

Addition Update

       What joy to arrive home from work daily and find significant changes in the addition on the back of our house. We are well past the lock-up stage, insulation as thick and impenetrable as a cast-iron frying pan. My favourite day so far was the one last week where I arrived home and found the old outer wall between the present mini-kitchen and its new partner knocked down - the only barrier existing now a sheet of plastic to keep out as much dust as possible. Finally I got a glimpse of the size of the new kitchen! What fun! Closing my eyes, I see family and friends gathered around a new harvest table enjoying an elaborate meal, lovingly prepared by me! In the corner a new dishwasher waits for all those dirty excellent end to any meal. (No more dishpan hands for me!)

       My husband has been my champion in all of this. He fought for the best materials, the most secure form of insulation and drainage. He traveled far and wide to choose stylish tile for floors and the perfect bathtub. He has been the one to communicate to contractor and workers, inspectors and tradesmen. A detail man, it will be perfect if he has any part in it at all. I sit back and watch, trying to hold my tongue, be appreciative and not be a contributor to stress. (I’m learning, sometimes the hard way!) We made a trip to IKEA on Saturday and laughed as we concocted a wish list. We agreed on everything and my husband had inspired ideas on how to make the kitchen functional. What an imagination!

        So....all is well in the addition department. Chaos still reigns as we live with dust beyond what I could imagine and many belongings in the living room. I hear it’s about to get it’s the bathroom! Time for faith that soon our home will be livable again and more than that supremely more functional. Thank you, Lord for this great opportunity.

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