Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Off the Bench!

"Your greatest fulfillment in life will come when you discover your unique gifts and abilities and use them to edify others and glorify the LORD." Neil T. Anderson

It's time. Time to get off the bench and into the game! That was the message I heard in church Sunday morning. The speaker talked about his time of training for teams in High School and not caring what happened. He just wanted to play. He knew he had the goods, he just needed the opportunity. One day in the midst of playing varsity with older, bigger guys, the coach gave him his chance. He said it was like watching "trees go by," the guys were so much bigger than he. But he was playing, actually playing. He may not have been the best on the team, he had a ways to grow, but he was in the game.

So now it's my turn. I may not be the best and surely I have miles to grow in this pursuit, but I'm writing. I'm in it. I long to worship with words, bring glory to my saviour and hopefully enjoy the process, so here goes.... Bear with me. Pray for me, friend, as I walk in what I feel called to.

A Little About Me

First and foremost, a lover of Jesus Christ. Nothing, I'd be nothing without His life breathed into me. He is my closest friend, my champion in all things. He gets me when no one else does. I owe him everything.

That said...I'm a wife of a gentle man, a hero, a man of God, of humour and creativity. A mother of one son, a passionate, caring health worker. And as of 18 months ago, a mom-in-law to a clever, funny, beautiful girl. I spend time with my 81 year old Dad and my brothers whenever I can. We entered into a new life when my mom passed away two years ago. I am an elementary school teacher, a lover of art history and watercolour painting.

And in my spare good weather times, I am a fisher. I love to fish. The tug on the end of a taut line is like nothing else. Seeing a fish surface is like opening a birthday gift. You never know what's in the package till you open it. Unlike the "good things that come in small packages," when fishing, the bigger the better! More on all this later.

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  1. Awesome Michele! I am so exited for you! Only God can give us the courage to step out this way. Praise Him for that! I will be waiting to see what He pours out through your writing. You go girl!!
    XO Maureen